King Size
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King Size Basket

This is a large rectangular wicker basket, filled and surrounded with a large variety of the finest chocolates, wine, liquor and other choice delectables.

This basket includes:

  • Pack of chocolate chip cookies/ square cookies from Berman
  • Chocolate filled Homentashen
  • Packet of Mike & Ike candies
  • Delicious cookies with almond filling
  • 1 bottle Kabrana sobeun selective red wine 750 ml
  • Packet of Mike & Ike candies
  • Bar of delicious Swiss chocolate
  • Mini milk chocolate
  • 1 bottle Secret Marlot selective red wine 750ml
  • Mini flaky milk chocolate
  • Mini delicious Swiss chocolate bar
  • Assorted flavors finger chocolate
  • Pack of chewy candies
  • Pack of mini flavored halvah
  • Packet of Mike & Ike candies
  • Box of butternut flavored candies
  • Mini halvah
  • Mini flaky milk chocolate