Send basket to IDF SoldierHere's an opportunity to show your support of our beloved Israeli soldiers. Picture a young Israeli soldier in an isolated outpost far from family and home. He's serving under extremely trying conditions. Understandably, his spirits are pretty low. Then, out of the blue, he's handed a lovely gift package. Your gift, along with your personal message will make a lasting impression on him. You can even include your email and contact information so that the soldier can try to respond to you. It's important for our soldiers to know that they have support from all over the world.

Our gift baskets are sent with the cooperation of the security forces. We deliver to soldiers in the field; to jeep and foot patrols, roadblocks, army bases and guard duty. All products are Kosher L'Mehadrin.

Please Note: Per army request, all wine will be replaced with a delicious fruit juice.